Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th

Here are some things that we did today! 1) In math we told addition stories and made a number sentence! (Brinley) 2) We had small group stations. Hannah's group worked on ch, th, sh, wh, and ng! (Hannah) 3) We looked at pictures and told the beginning sound! We are getting really good at beginning sounds! (Kait) 4) In math we also worked hard on finding two numbers that make 10! (Luke) For homework tonight we are doing a worksheet on beginning sounds! No reading logs or spelling words! Have a great night, The Kindergators

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Welcome to our Kindergator Blog! I am excited to get our blog up and going! This will be a great way: 1) For you to see what your child is learning 2) For me to post important information 3) For me to post pictures of our class 4) For you to respond with questions and comments on what we are learning I can't wait to share with the class tomorrow and to get started on our first blog as a class, Mrs. Field

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We had a great day! Here are some things that we did today! 1) Our star student was Issac! We wrote his name and drew his picture! (Mercedes) 2) We learned there are 3 Ways to read a book! We can read the words. We can look at the pictures. We can retell the story! (Kelby) 3) In math we wrote and talked about the number 2! (Taylor) 4) Sammy taught us a new sight word cheer for WE! It is so fun!! (Addie) From, The Kindergators

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to our Kindergator Blog!! Here are some things that we learned at school today! Happy Birthday Kaden! (Lilly) Horacio was our Star Student today! We wrote his name and drew his picture! (Liz) We practiced reading! We are buliding our stamina! (Kylee) People read all different things. People read: magazineszs, newspapers, and books! (Taylor) At Math we practiced writing the Number 4. We say, "Down to the right and cut it in two." (Elle) Have a great night, The Kindergators

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 4th

Happy Birthday Robin!

We went to Chinese and Science! (Reagan)

We played "Around the World" with number flash cards! (Caydence)

We worked on literacy stations! Writing, Read to self and computers! (Grace)

We had our first day of MAP Testing! We did our best! (Mrs. Field)

We wrote some words that start wtih the letter o! (Bladen)

We learned a new song in math today to help us count by 2s! (Aden)

We used bear counters at math to do addition stories! (Sydney)

The Kindergators

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday, January 3rd

Here are some things that we learned today!

1) We worked on our sticker stories! I am working on my story about a monster truck running over Chick! (Grayson)

2) We went to music and gym! (Reagan)

3) We did math stations. I worked on Math Facts! (Ty)

4) We have two new sight words. His and had! (Caydence)

5) We learned to check our understanding when reading. If we don't understand, we go back and read again! We can also look at the pictures and ask ourselves questions. (Grace)

The Kindergators

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, January 2nd

Happy New Year!! We are excited to start the new year learning new things! Here are some things that we did today!

1) We traded our books in our book boxes. We practiced Read to Self! We did this for 5 minutes! We are going to build our stamina! (Orianna)

2) We practiced our Writing Station. We wrote sticker stories! (Grayson)

3) We went to art and technology! (Ty)

4) We went to Math Stations. We wrote our numbers, made patterns for our partners to finish, played top-it and worked on addition facts! (Grace)

The Kindergators